When passionate owners Chris & Maria first considered the idea of opening a café, they wanted to serve food that could be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their dietary requirements. They wanted to make a difference by challenging per-conceived ideas with the great tasting food they would serve. With both of their children and Maria being gluten, dairy and soy intolerant, they decided to challenge the general misconception that gluten free food is unappealing. When deciding on how they would structure café Henkel's menu, they knew that their main priority would be the safety of all patrons, hence why the cafe is 100% gluten free which gives all of their customers the confidence that they will not need to fear cross contamination. In addition, the decision to make everything in house (except for the bread for now) and to not use any products that contain the statement 'May contain traces..' ensures that all of the food is safe for patrons with coeliac disease.

Having eaten her fair share of average gluten free food  over the years and seeking to break this mould, the dedicated team that has been assembled works with great passion and enthusiasm to bring together Maria & Chris's vision of creating food that evokes their patrons to say "You wouldn't know it's gluten free".